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How to Make a Lyric Video with Premiere Pro Subtitles

How to Make a Lyric Video with Premiere Pro Subtitles
You want to know how to make a lyric video with premiere pro subtitles?
In this simple Premiere Pro Video Tutorial, I will show you how to add Lyrics to a music video in no time using SUBTITLES and CAPTIONS in Premiere Pro 2020. So let’s quickly add lyric to video.

Should I film with an Iphone 11 pro or a Camera? The Pros and Cons.

When film with an iPhone vs Pro Camera? Let me explain the pros and cons of filming a project with an iPhone instead or a Professional Camera and when to record a video with the iPhone instead of a pro camera. Sometimes, the iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Max replaces professional […]


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